Thank Goodness — A Little Time Off

Not much to report this week. I have no book signings to attend to since the next two I have scheduled are both in September. One is in San Diego, the second in Toronto, Canada. I will update my Upcoming Events section when I get further information on actual dates, times, and locations. Until then, it looks like you’ll have to listen to me talk about Tawny, timing regarding releasing my next novel, Hostile Takeover, interviews I’m scheduled to conduct, more about Tawny, and … maybe even more about Tawny! Funny, it seems like I have one subject that I tend to enjoy talking about. Tawny Profile (Wet)

Speaking of Tawny, I must say, the blogs I have released regarding her performing visitations with patients at a local hospital have drawn great interest in the animal world. I receive many tweets following my blogs about her, wishing her luck at her new job. Two radio stations — Dog Talk, and Working Like Dogs— have asked me to do interviews in June. I have no idea what they’re going to ask me, but if the interview involves speaking about Tawny, I’ll do just fine.

Moving on. I received a request from NZ Writer’s Guild to write and article about my experiences using the right and left sides of the brain in my writing efforts. The Guild found my approach interesting and wanted me to pass on my experiences to wannabe writers. I’ve written the article and will send it off. I hope what I had to say will meet what the Guild wanted.

iUniverse keeps asking me when I’m going to release my next book, Hostile Takeover, which is presently in the production queue. I’ve told everyone that I’d like to spend as much time marketing Unrelenting Nightmare before I do. I want my full attention focused on marketing and promoting myself as an author before I take on the demands of releasing my next novel. Believe me, it’s not just a matter of calling up iUniverse and saying, “Go ahead and release it.” A lot goes on before that happens. There is a major review of the manuscript, then comes the editing part, followed by further review, agreeing to changes and deciding on how I want to promote the book. If I took on that responsibility right now, it would be difficult for me to give ample time to book signings, interview requests, potential articles, etc. regarding Unrelenting Nightmare. My plan is to release Hostile Takeover by the end of the year, or early next year. Hang in there. It’ll eventually come.

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