Thank You For Your Support

Dad and Tawny Thank YouTo everyone who responded to my posts asking for your help regarding a possible book signing at Barnes & Noble, thank you very much. Over forty-five of you replied in one form or another, which was more than I expected. And even though that was what the manager at B&N indicated she wanted and I communicated those results to her, I have not yet received an e-mail or telephone call letting me know her decision. Therefore, I assume she’s decided not to offer the book signing opportunity.

What I plan to do is contact other bookstores in the area and see if they would like me to do a signing. Who knows, if Unrelenting Nightmare keeps selling well and I’m fortunate enough to receive additional positive results from the various competitions I’ve entered, I just might be able to show my face at a retail store book signing somewhere. I sure hope so, even though my daughter says the only drawback is the “showing my face” part!

Regarding another matter, I recently did a recent interview for Working Like Dogs radio show that I thoroughly enjoyed. Marcie Davis, who conducted the interview, was wonderful. She spent over thirty minutes talking to me and asking questions, not only about what I do regarding raising and training service dogs, but also spent time discussing my book and what prompted me to become an author. The following link will directly attach anyone interested in listening to the interview. I also have three additional interviews in the works related to Unrelenting Nightmare.

So things are progressing. I’m currently editing the forth book that I wrote, Corporate Spy, and will probably publish it the later part of 2015 after my third book, Hostile Takeover, is released in the early part of 2015. And for those of you who have asked if I have any other books currently published, yes I do. It’s titled The Price of Admission and is also available on Amazon. So please hang in there. I’m busy with the publishing process and future books are on their way, I assure you.

I constantly update my website with blogs about what I’m doing and my plans for the future. My books can also be purchased from my website by pressing the “Purchase” button right next to the picture of the book cover. This is a direct link to Amazon.

Anyway, thanks again to all of you who helped me out regarding Barnes & Noble. Who knows, maybe next time?

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