This Week Is A Busy One

Linquist Tower 2On Friday, Tawny and I will be greeting guests at Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s new Lundquist Tower. I’ve toured the tower once before in preparation for its grand opening, and it is absolutely beautiful. I’m sure Tawny will like it and be eager to show it off to the visitors. If you are at all interested, please come on by for a visit. There will be tours and refreshments. For more information, check out Torrance Memorial Medical Center’s website for time and directions.

Tawny and I will continue with our pet visitation rounds at the hospital’s old tower until the Lundquist Tower officially starts receiving patients, which I believe will be in November. Unfortunately, just after getting familiar with the old tower, Tawny and I will have to learn the new tower’s layout — and I’m telling you, it is BIG!

Unrelenting Nightmare 5No sooner will Tawny and I return home after greeting the guests than I’ll be off to Toronto, Canada for another book signing. Tawny won’t be accompanying me, but my wife, Melayne, will. We plan to visit Niagara Falls, which I understand is best to see from the Canadian side. I’m looking forward to seeing it, since I never have. I asked Melayne what we we’re going to do other than just view the spectacle once we got there. She told me there are boat tours that go right up next to the falls, and a walking path that actually goes under the cascading water. She also said there was one other special attraction called the Barrel Ride. I asked, “A barrel ride? Where does that go?” She said she’d sign me up and I could find out. Boy, I can’t wait!

Anyway, I’m looking forward to spending some special time with my puppy at the hospital, and then my wife in Canada. It doesn’t get any better than that.

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