Look Who’s Getting All The Attention!

Unrelenting_Nightmare_CoverYou know, many people have told me how much they liked reading Unrelenting Nightmare, the novel I released at the beginning of the year. And since the time my publicity campaign started in March, I’ve done three interviews, have written two articles, and have another two requests for interviews, plus another one that I am not able to attend on the East coast. But before you congratulate me, I must confess that the majority of these opportunities came about because of my dog, Tawny, and also since I raise and train assistance dogs.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love Tawny, who has even been at book signings with me. I also thoroughly enjoy volunteering to raise and train puppies to help those in need of assistance dogs. But come on, where’s the appreciation for my fine writing skills? Now two of the interviews did pertain to my book and me being an author, but all the others, plus the two articles I wrote, were related to my raising and training … Hey, wait a minute! Does that mean my publicist is having a difficult time promoting my fine written works and suspenseful plots? Or could it be … well, I mean, is it possible that my book is not as good as I … No, no, that couldn’t be true, could it?

All kidding aside, every interview I’ve done has been a pleasure. I love taking about dogs and especially to people who love dogs as much as I do. As I often say, “Dogs are the best people in the world.” Tawny is at my side right now, looking at me through her dark brown eyes, with a soft, chewy doggy soccer ball in her mouth, begging me to throw it, so she can go get it, so I can throw it again. I tell you, it’s the most fun game in the world, at least from her perspective. For me, well, I seem to get a little tired of throwing a soccer ball after about ten minutes. And when I’m writing, as I am right now, my attention is not drawn to such antics. But her dark brown eyes are still looking at me, begging me to quit this silly game of typing — which I always seem to be doing — and instead play “fetch the ball”.

Okay, I just told her I’ll throw the ball as soon as I get done with this blog, so I had better hurry up, or my life may be in peril. Anyway, I have enjoyed the entire process of marketing and promoting my book, and have indeed received both written and verbal positive comments about my book. As a writer, I know we all love to hear people tell us how much they enjoyed reading our work. It’s that kind of feedback that brings us back to the computer, and pushes us to create that next great novel brewing in the depths of our minds.

It’s an unbelievable experience to write a book, assuming you have the passion to do so. It can also be a physical reward — to hold a bound covered book in your hands that only a short while ago was nothing more than an idea in your head, or maybe your heart if you write romance novels. The pleasure of writing has been a great adventure for me, and I have enjoyed every minute of it. If you have not read my novel Unrelenting Nightmare, then please do. I feel confident you’ll enjoy it, assuming you like suspense novels. Interesting, though, the other day I received an e-mail from a woman who admitted that she didn’t care for suspense novels, especially ones involving assassins, but really enjoyed my book. So if you’d like a  suspense novel, where the antagonist is one extreme ruthless assassin, look no further than the Available Novels page of my website where you can order a copy of my book.

Oops, the dark eyes are still locked onto me, so I better go.

Thanks for visiting.

Unrelenting Nightmare: Where can virtual reality go?

Unrelenting_Nightmare_CoverAn interesting business transaction recently took place where Facebook purchased Oculus in order to get its hands on the rising public interest in virtual reality. This touches directly with my newest novel, Unrelenting Nightmare.

I was first introduced to the concepts of virtual reality back in the 1960s, when I saw a visual demonstration of laser technology as it applied to stage design. A laser projection, using three separate lasers, was projected onto a stage. The resulting image was a forest scene that came to life for the audience. There were many snags with the concept as it applied to its use on stage, but the concept certainly drew my attention.

Years passed, and my attention was drawn to the new development of virtual reality games, and where that technology might go. I wondered if the combination of laser imagery with virtual reality could be a realistic concept, and the possibilities that might offer the world.

My imagination went to work, and I put together a fictional plot of that possibility actually happening, resulting in me writing Unrelenting Nightmare. In writing the story, I removed the present necessity of using a headgear devise from the picture. But in creating the story, all sorts of issues came to mind about how society would deal with this kind of technology, and what effects it would have — both good and bad.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.