The perfect setting for writing: No land in sight

Clouds_over_the_Atlantic_OceanI recently returned from an enjoyable “short” vacation with Melayne, on a cruise down to Mexico aboard one of the Princess Cruise ships.  It was very relaxing being able to sit at my computer writing, and then able to look out the window at the beautiful ocean pass by.  Melayne took the opportunity while I was writing to work out in the fitness center (which is probably where I should have been).

We cruised south to Ensenada, which is less than 175 miles from port in Los Angeles harbor, but it took the evening of Monday and all day Tuesday to get there because of the circuitous route the ship took.  An entire day was at sea, with no land in sight, only the ocean to enjoy, which Melayne and I think is wonderful.  We arrived in Ensenada on Wednesday morning, and spent an entire day checking out what Ensenada had to offer.  We departed late in the afternoon, and returned to Los Angeles the next morning.  The ship never traveled more than eight knots per hour during the entire trip.  We have taken other cruises where the ship moves along at twenty plus knots per hour.

Even though it was a short trip, it was very nice, since Melayne really needed to take a break from work. And I only gained four pounds eating all the food that is available on board.  I was very happy with that outcome, and it only took me six days after getting back to loose the gained weight, plus an additional two pounds.  How about that?  Now if I could only figure out how to be that successful in my writing!