Marketing Photo2Hi, I am Stan Yocum and I write novels. Listed below are the novels that I have published. The rest of the website has my blog posts, a synopsis of the manuscript I am working on right now, and other information about me. Thank you for visiting.

The Blessing (General Fiction)

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A young girl named Lita, initiates strong spiritual interventions during her short time on Earth, which are tremendously difficult for anyone to explain. Nathan Crowe, a reporter who works for a major newspaper, is asked to look into the strange and complicated occurrences that Lita has been involved with. Although Lita is only sixteen-years-old, she captivates Nathan with her mind and views on life and the universe, and how mankind is progressing down a path that will unlikely afford them the knowledge they seek. Lita, however, is viewed as a possible disciple of Satin because she doesn’t accept any form of religion. Her mission is to guide Nathan so he can help expand the human mind in areas that completely overwhelm him with doubt, uncertainty and confusion. Lita then informs Nathan that she will be killed because she refuses to accept any form of religion. Nathan then takes it on himself to keep Lita alive.

Until I Met Cleo (General Fiction)

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Seth, a young army corporal, who is severely injured in Afghanistan is sent home. However, his life has obviously changed dramatically because of his injuries. He fights bouts of sever depression and thoughts of committing suicide because he no long feels he can deal with what he’s become. Then his physical therapist recommends that he get a service dog, something he rejects by saying, “I can’t take care of myself, so why would I get a dog?” As it turns out, he ultimately receives a service dog nicknamed, Cleo, and is overwhelmed; not only by what Cleo does for him but also how people start engaging with him because Cleo is at his side. Seth becomes a changed person and accepts the love and attention Cleo provides him. Living a full life, he soon realizes, is a blessing that should never be tossed away, no matter the circumstances.

Reflection of a Hero (General Fiction)


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A woman named Sara tells a story about her youth and particularly about a young boy named Sonny St. Cyr. He was a gifted athlete when she first met him in grade school, and tells her story about him and also about growing up and becoming a young adult. It’s reminiscent, to some extent, in what all of us had to encounter. The one unique slant in her case is this young athlete that she fell in love with. Their youthful age, unfortunately, did not allow them to see the common thread that existed between them. Her stories, however, might bring back memories of your own past in some ways. As life often encounters, some of her exploits were exciting, funny, and thrilling during her recollection, as well as some somber times that were also part of her life. Follow her tale and possibly you can recall … exactly what it was like!

Corporate Spy (Suspense-Thriller)

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Tyler Stone is hired by Thor Research to build a new surveillance satellite to search out existing terrorists that the United States military doesn’t want around anymore. Unfortunately, he finds himself hired as a corporate spy and quickly transitioned into the employment of MDT, the main competition, and begins secretly providing valuable information to Thor. His ineptness, however, is quite evident. One person that finds Stone’s appearance at MDT quit surprising is DeBurg, Head of Security, who puts forth a full effort to uncover Stone as a corporate spy. One mistake leads to another, and Stone finds himself racing through to streets of San Francisco with DeBurg close on his heels. One thing Stone has discovered is you don’t want DeBurg too find out that you’re a corporate spy. It usually means your death!

 Hostile Takeover (Suspense-Thriller)

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What if you came up with an incredibly bright idea? And then, let’s say, you developed your idea into a one-of-kind product and created a very successful company. But then an influential person comes along and says he wants your company – and you had better sell, or else! Meet Jason Chappell, a young engineer who has designed a revolutionary electric car that could save America, which is tittering on the edge of economic collapse as OPEC inflates the price of crude oil beyond comprehension. However, Ethan Gantry, the infamous King of Takeovers and a billionaire many times over, desperately wants Jason’s company. Gantry also harbors ideas of owning the next President of the United States in order to help inflate his substantial wealth and is willing to do whatever it takes to attain both a president and Jason’s company. The presidential hopeful is in full agreement with Gantry’s requirements for financial support to attain the oval office. Jason, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with Gantry and fights the mega mogul for his company − and his life.

Without You (Love Story)

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When pianist Matt Sampson first hears Del Rey Silone sing, he is captivated by the quality of her voice … and her beauty. He also knows that under his direction she could develop a voice that will stun the world. They are both students at one of the most prestigious performing-arts schools in America, and each of them harbors dreams of success. As the power of Del Rey’s voice matures under Matt’s tutelage, Chris Elliot, a powerful musical agent, begins to court Del Rey as a client. But she soon discovers that his desires go beyond having just a professional relationship. Despite the unbelievable monetary rewards he acquires for her, her love for the pianist cannot be broken. While neither student can bear the thought of being apart, surrendering their individual dreams of success weighs heavily on their relationship. Can their love compete against the applause and adulation of adoring audiences? But more importantly, is either willing to discover what life would be like without the other?

Unrelenting Nightmare (Suspense-Thriller)

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Stuart Garrison, a brilliant virtual reality software developer, has his company poised on the threshold of industry dominance with the release of his newest virtual reality system—Next World. Preston McBraid, the CEO of a competitor company, realizes that if he does not own Next World his company’s premier position atop the computer industry will be ruined. Drastic measures are taken and McBraid hires a notorious assassin to kill Stuart. The FBI learns of the assassination plot and intervenes to protect Stuart. Stuart clings desperately to the protection provided him in hopes that he can make it though the onslaught of assassination attempts. If he does, his next virtual reality product—Mind Games—will blow the world away with its ingenuity and will catapult Stuart to the top of the computer industry making him a billionaire many times over.

The Price of Admission (Suspense-Thriller)

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Brad Paxton, CEO of Peregrine Pharmaceuticals, receives an anonymous telephone call claiming five patients have died during clinical trials of the company’s revolutionary new diet drug. Brad frantically starts investigating the allegation of the drug’s harmful effects, pressured to find out the truth before the FDA’s scheduled release date, which is only days away. Two people who agree to help Brad stop the drug’s release are murdered. Now he is alone, in a race against time to prevent the deadly drug from reaching the market. Senator Harmon Fowler, mastermind behind the sinister plot to manipulate the investment community through the release of the harmful drug, watches from the sidelines as his power-hungry protege, Travis Manning, goes head-to-head with Brad Paxton. Fowler knows that the only thing that stands in the way of his ultimate success is Brad Paxton. His directive is simple: Find Paxton and eliminate him! 

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