Reader reviews from for Unrelenting Nightmare:

5.0 out of 5 stars Scare of the Year!, November 2, 2014 by Angdyogi

I feel so much respect and praise towards this book. We really got to see the eyes of the story through the main character. The main character, Cameron Clark, is a sadistic, callous, and highly trained assassin hired by others to kill. The point of view especially appealed to me because we got most of the substance of the story through the villian’s point of view. Stan Yocum’s Unrelenting Nightmare is a new twist on mystery/thrillers that will leave you on the edge of your seat, wanting more.

As I stated in the above, we have our main character Cameron Clark who is somewhat infatuated with being an assassin. The background information in the book tells us that Clark grew up in a dysfunctional family, and he had bad relations with his father. People come to him asking him for his services to kill people. In the beginning of the story, we see him taking down two victims. The first being a secret mission from someone in the Pentagon and a father’s request to kill a famous athlete, getting revenge for his daughter. Stan Yocum has demonstrated one of the most elaborate character developments I’ve seen in a book so far. In the beginning we have Clark who is a perfectionist and will finish the job with no strings attached. Then we get to the end of the book where we begin to see Clark slip up and become messy in his actions.

The story even starts out as fast-paced! Beware this is somewhat of a violent book. There are some aspects of blood and death. I realized that as I got further into the book, the plot began to thicken and revel in more of its crazy and thrilling aspects. I was on edge the entire time through reading this book. And honestly I’ve been in quite the reading slump these past several days, but of course, this book was all I needed to wake up and get back on task. The ending is also something I’d like to dwell on… Put your helmets on people because the ending of this book will literally blow you up!! ( And if you’ve read this book, you know exactly what I mean).

Honestly a marvelous read that will get you out of any reading slump!

4.0 out of 5 stars Hard to put down, June 23, 2014 By Carol Perry
This review is from: Unrelenting Nightmare (Kindle Edition)
Usually I don’t like books of this type-thrillers with a focus on professional assassins, but I got engrossed in this book very quickly. There are several twists, including one at the very beginning during a raid of a strike force team in the Iranian desert. There is a strong female heroine. I enjoyed getting into the world of virtual reality software, and technology was used quite effectively in the plot.

G.M. wrote in an email…
“I enjoyed it immensely. Stan’s a new James Patterson now with a hit of the action of Clive Cussler. The only othe character worse than NOMED was Blue Duck in Lonesome Dove. I hope he continues to develop the main characters for his next adventure.”

C.D. wrote in an email…
“The dialogue was very real and the story certainly plausible. Not sure if it’s in good form to compare you to another author or not but I would put your novel right up there with Michael Connelly who is one of my favorite authors.”

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  1. I have read all of Stan Yocum’s books and recently completed “Reflection of a Hero”. The book brought back youthful memories: a time of growing up, friendships, uncertainties, exploring, excitement, disappointments, and along the way, we remember people that were admirable and extraordinary. While reading the book, I escaped back to a time when we had few responsibilities, life was less technical, and our heroes were guys we grew up with. A very enjoyable read!

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