Off to Boston!

I’m traveling east this week to attend my second book-signing event in Boston.  I hope it goes as well as the one last month in Los Angeles.  I’m certainly looking forward to the trip, since I haven’t been on the east coast for some time.  I also plan to go to Providence, Rhode Island, which is where I was born in 19 …  (You know, that’s probably not really important).  Anyway, Melayne and I want to take a few extra days to enjoy the area.  Being a sailor, I’d like to see the Atlantic waters where America Cup races were sailed for over a hundred years until the Aussies took the cup away in 1983.

I’ll take pictures while I’m roaming about, and also at the book-signing event, and then tweet them for all of you who are interested in exactly what I do when I’m not writing.  Unfortunately, I will not have Tawny with me as I did at the Los Angeles book fair — darn it!

One of the evenings, Melayne and I are going to have dinner at the Union Oyster House, America’s oldest restaurant in continuous service (since 1826).  I’m looking forward to sitting inside the building that houses the restaurant, which was built around 1705.  Melayne, who has eaten at the Oyster House before, can’t wait to dine on their oysters again.  She describes them as some of the best she’s ever had.

So, if anyone happens to be in the Boston area and wants a complimentary copy of my book, Unrelenting Nightmare, information on the location and time of the event can be found in the Upcoming Events section above.

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