Goodbye To A Good Friend

IMG_0123I just want to thank someone who has helped me tremendously over the last year; she actually made me look like a tweeting guru.

As part of my publicity campaign, I was assigned a media publicist. She explained more to me about media coverage than I could possibly remember. But I’ll tell you what, I was even impressed with what I was putting out over the Internet (although, she and I know who actually did the work).

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed my time with her. We’d talk every week and she’d have to listen to me complain about this and that, trying desperately to get my attention back on the true intent of the call. What amazes me is the knowledge she has about media contact and marketing, and she is not a young wiz-kid whose whole life has been during the period of laptops, iPads, and smartphones. No, she could talk about things that preceded the computer generation because she grew up in that time period. She is a mother of two children: a son and a daughter. What’s interesting is that they tell their friends. “You should see my mom. She’s so awesome. She knows everything there is about the Internet and blogging and Twitter accounts and Facebook and . . .”

Now when my children tell their friends about my abilities in those areas, they just laugh. I’ve learned to live with it, though, it’s who I am. I tell anyone who asks that I love to write books, not tweet and see how my friends are doing on Facebook because none of my friends are “on” Facebook; they’re just like me — older and completely out of touch with todays technology.

It has been an experience, and I will attempt to do what I can from this point forward. I’m just glad my youngest daughter knows all this stuff and is willing to help me. In fact, my publicist often told me during our weekly meetings, “See if your daughter can show you how to do it.” What, did she think I was completely inept? Maybe I shouldn’t ask that question. I may not like the answer.

So alas, it’s farewell and fond memories to a wonderful friendship.

Thank you so much for putting up with me, Susan. I will certainly miss you and always remember our time together. It  really was fun and I enjoyed every minute of it.

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