A Real Charmer . . . How About That!

Tawny DognitionOver a year ago, Tawny was tested using canine assessment tests developed by Dognition. She went through a series of interactive games that we played with her that gave a perspective on how she sees the world.

The Dognition Assessment provides a window into a dog’s individual cognitive style—the thinking, learning, and problem-solving strategies that influence much of a dog’s behavior by assessing five core dimensions of a dog’s cognition: empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning.

When the results were published on Dognition’s Facebook page, Tawny was selected as an example. The above picture was accompanied by the following Dognition comments:

“Tawny is a Labrador Retriever-Golden Retriever mix. She played the Dognition games and profiled as a Charmer! Tawny’s report shows that she has an amazing working memory. This allows Tawny to keep information in mind for a few minutes so that she can mentally manipulate it to problem solve—out of sight is definitely not out of mind for Tawny.”

As a proud father, I look at my little girl and realize that I may not be able to charm anyone … but Tawny certainly can.

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