Wow! My Dad Wrote A Book

Tawny1The other day I was wandering through the house and noticed a door was open to a room that I seldom get invited into. I glanced around and no one was there, so I ventured in. Books were lined up on shelves everywhere. There were novels by John Grisham, James Patterson, Ayn Rand, James Michener, and F. Scott Fitzgerald, just to mention a few. What great authors. I glanced around a bit more, and then, on the top shelf I saw some books written by a person that I knew very well … my daddy!

I listened carefully for anyone coming and then got up and grabbed one. I started reading and found the story gripping. The characters were full of life and I knew I would like to play tug-a-war with each of them. The problem was I didn’t get to finish the book because I was lost in the story and didn’t notice my mom enter the room. I was told to put the book back, which I did, and had to play with our other dog the rest of the day. What a bummer!

Pssst. If anyone finishes reading the book, could you please let me know how it ends, because I doubt if I’ll get back in that room anytime soon. Thanks.


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