CORPORATE SPY – My newest book!

Hello again. I’ve just completed publishing my newest book, Corporate Spy, and wanted to let you know.  The book is a suspense/thriller about a young MIT graduate who is forced to spy on a lucrative government contract while working for the main competition of a major aerospace company.  Below is a synopsis of the story:

Tyler Stone is hired by Thor Research to build a new surveillance satellite to search out existing terrorists that the United States military doesn’t want around anymore. Unfortunately, he finds himself hired as a corporate spy and quickly transitioned into the employment of MDT, the main competition, and begins secretly providing valuable information to Thor. His ineptness is quite evident. One person that finds Stone’s appearance at MDT quit surprising is DeBurg, Head of Security, who puts forth a full effort to uncover Stone as a corporate spy. One mistake leads to another, and Stone finds himself racing through to streets of San Francisco with DeBurg close on his heels. One thing Stone has discovered is you don’t want DeBurg too find out that you’re a corporate spy. It usually means your death!

I will update my website,, and include Corporate Spy. All my novels can be purchased directly from my website, or by visiting, Barnes & Noble, and other book retailers. All the novels come in hardcover, softcover and eBook formats.

If you do purchase a copy of Corporate Spy, or any of my other novels, I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.


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